What to Know about being a FileMaker Developer

It’s no secret that FileMaker Pro developing & consultancy careers are lucrative. With a demand for making excellent custom apps nowadays, a FileMaker developer can have a bright future.

Of course, any interested developer will have to undergo FileMaker Pro training before succeeding. And while developers can learn the ropes of FileMaker Pro (FMP) by themselves, they should not be complacent. Newbies should note that even developers who use FMP still undergo an intense FileMaker course.

Do you think you have the chops to become a professional FileMaker developer? Read to know more:

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You need left brain & right brain skills.

You don’t just need logic to succeed as a FileMaker Developer. You also need an eye for aesthetics and heightened intuition. Developers describe FileMaker Pro as an intuitive platform. If you’re an intuitive fast-learner, you’ll be an asset to clients because you can help achieve ROI faster. Fast developing time means fast ROI.

Developers’ hierarchy range from Junior to Tech Lead.

The following are the different types of developers & their corresponding salaries:

  • Junior FileMaker Pro Developers – These individuals have more than three years of experience in developing FileMaker apps. In some companies, they are College fresh graduates. Employed Junior FMP developers usually earn $30-445k annually.
  • Mid-Level FileMaker Pro Developers – These are developers who know the ins & outs of FileMaker Pro. Yet, they are still training in design and customer management. They still need more experiences in projects that involve clients. They earn $45l-$65k each year.
  • Senior FileMaker Pro Developers – These developers have a lot of experience in project and client management. Since they are in this position, it means they are producing high-quality output. They earn $65-$85k every year.
  • FileMaker Pro Technical Leads – They are the most experienced and talented developers in the FMP industry. They are excellent at carrying out needs analysis, interacting with customers, and leading a team of developers. Clients turn to them for growing their businesses. As a full-time Tech Lead, they earn $95-125K per year.

Vertical Markets benefit more from FMP

Experienced developers encourage the young ones to explore vertical markets. These markets need solutions and services—and FMP is the ideal tool to give them those. An FMP software development company can gain more by selling to Invoicing or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) companies. If you focus on these markets, offer effective features, boost productivity, and meet their needs, you’ll build a good reputation as an FMP developer.

What developers shouldn’t do

Being arrogant – Experienced developers highly discourage waiting for the clients. Even though the quality of the product can speak for itself, developers should still know how to sell. They also encourage young developers to start small and delay applying for big corporate firms.

Final notes

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