Turning Your Bedroom into an Extra Cosy Haven

The average person spends about 8 hours of their day in the bedroom; starting and ending the day in the comfort of Egyptian cotton sheet sets. It’s always worth putting in some extra effort in making your personal sanctuary truly comfortable and warm. Click here eqyptian cotton sheet sets

There are plenty of ways you can cosy up your bedroom and we’ve listed down a few below:

1. Choose a calming palette

Pastel shades can help to create tranquil spaces. At the same time, they appear airy and light and therefore make a tiny room look bigger than it is. Lavender, mint green, and light grey are exceptional choices and look great with darker accent colours. You’ll also want to keep this palette in mind when you buy NZ Eqyptian cotton sheet sets.

2. Mix and match your stuff

An eclectic array of furnishings may look good in magazine spreads or even in the store but they may not work as well in real life. A bright plastic bench at the foot of a wooden bed frame? Think again. On the other hand, vintage nightstands with blue-green wallpaper seem like a classy concept that could end up in a jewel-box effect.

3. Opt for natural fabrics

One of the most common sleeping problems is overheating. A smart way to combat this is to outfit your bed with organic items which breathe better. Egyptian cotton sheet sets from The Hotel Sheet fall under this category, plus they don’t feel scratchy at all. Layering your bedding is also recommended so you can easily adjust your temperature over the night.

4. Invest in a comfy mattress

Don’t wait too long before you discard discounted or hand-me-down mattresses for the real deal. Realize that your bed is your most-used piece of furniture in your entire home so it’s always worth spending more on it. The most expensive NZ Eqyptian cotton sheet sets won’t be useful on a ratty mattress that has seen better days. Visit at The Hotel Sheet

5. Go low with lighting

Light bulbs that are above 15 watts should be placed in workspaces such as the kitchen, laundry room, home office, dining room, or even the bathroom. A nice alternative would be to install a fixture that will allow you to control the brightness or is dimmable. You should be able to find this in your local hardware store or home decor centre.

6. Adjust to the seasons

Ensuring that your bedroom matches with the weather can be fun. At the same time, it makes it more comfortable. You can put away those dark-coloured duvets in the summer and swap them with white Egyptian cotton sheet sets, for instance. Heavy drapes can start making their appearance in the fall too, while sheers are fine for the end of spring.

It’s actually not that hard to turn your bedroom into a cosy retreat. Getting summer-ready Eqyptian cotton sheet sets in NZ and the other suggestions listed above can be wonderful places to start. You can consult more articles like this for inspiration or just talk to an actual interior designer if you have the money to spare. More details at https://www.thehotelsheet.co.nz/products/egyptian-cotton-hotel-sheet