Caring for Your Swarovski Crystal Bead Jewellery

In the current economic climate, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to buy actual gemstones. The good news is that you can always go for the cheaper alternative–Swarovski crystal beads–instead. These come in different sizes, shapes, and colours. Not to mention that they appear similar to diamonds.

While Australia Swarovski crystal beads may not be as fussy to maintain as real jewels, they still need proper care to last long and look as good as when you first bought them. Don’t know where you should start? Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction:

· Avoid exposing them to any type of beauty products, be it lotion or hairspray. The components in these can react with the Swarovski crystal beads and lead to discolouration. At the same time, the chemicals can build up on the surface and make them appear dull. As a rule, you should always put on your jewellery last when getting dressed. Remove them first when undressing though to secure them.

· Gently wipe them down with a dry lint-free cloth. You can wear cotton gloves while handling your jewellery to prevent your fingerprints from showing up on the surface. Use a circular motion to polish each of the Swarovski crystal beads in Australia that you own. You should perform this type of maintenance on a regular basis to maintain the lustre of the crystals. If the beads still appear dull, try the wet cleaning method below. Visit us at CRYSTAL KING

· Perform some additional cleaning where necessary. Combine gentle dish soap with some water in a small bowl. Dip a soft bristle toothbrush into the mixture then remove dirt and grime from each crystal in a circular motion. Rinse off the soap by holding your jewellery under warm running water. NOTE: Have a colander or bowl over the drain, especially if you’re cleaning earrings and other small items. These can become slippery with the soap so there’s the risk that you might drop them.

· Store them properly somewhere safe and secure. If you used the wet cleaning method, ensure that you thoroughly dry your Swarovski crystal beads by laying them on a cotton cloth overnight. Next, wrap them in jeweller’s tissue and place in an airtight bag separate from other items. Leaving them out in the open will only encourage loss of quality through tarnishing. Oxygen can be quite harmful on both metals and crystals, after all.

· Never wear them when doing any outdoor activities. It might be nice to look at your jewellery glinting in the sunlight but they won’t appear nice for long if you keep it up. This is especially true if you’re thinking to don them while swimming in the pool or at the beach. The beads won’t do well with the chlorine or salt in the water. Besides, you’ll risk losing them while you’re having fun.

If you keep in mind the tips listed above, your Swarovski crystals should stay in mint condition for as long as possible. Don’t know where you can find Australia Swarovski crystal beads in the first place? Drop by the Crystal King website, which offers more than just beads. They also have settings, montees, and flat backs available, so feel free to browse through their range of products.